Adoption & Training is being embraced by a number of organizations as it has proven results of being an effective and powerful technology. Despite being such a robust technology, companies are just using the cream of it. With partial usage of this technology, companies are finding an increase in user resistance as well as organizational noise. Ultimately the projected return on investment is not realized. Grepthor Software has decoded such difficult situations, and have developed an effective, proven process that integrates formal Change Management methodology as well as our own training best practices. Before we start anything on your business, we take time in explaining, educating and training you. Along with building a great solution, we also address the impacts and concerns of the users being asked to embrace it. We will not build a system, but we will link the gap between the developers and the people using it. Grepthor Software enables and empowers business to integrate seamlessly into their existing system of business information management. We integrate with various groups within a company.