CRM Implementation Services CRM is the leading on-Demand CRM for your Business. Grepthor software solutions helps business of any size with CRM implementation and deployment in their organizations. We help companies make a quick transition to running their sales, customer service and marketing processes to on demand Cloud based SaaS application – CRM.

Grepthor Software Solutions is a Silver Cloud Alliance Consulting Partner of and has access to latest developments in application and knowledge base. Service Optimization

If you feel that your implementation has not given you the desired Return on Investment (ROI) as some of the critical functionality is missing or if the user adoption is poor in your CRM implementation – you must consider the Optimization Service.

The world’s leading cloud platform is developed and provided by Their platform enables for rapid development of web based applications. To get started, you don’t need anything more than a standard web browser or mobile terminal. However, how to go about it needs a little bit of professional consulting from a certified Salesforce consultant.

It is important to us that all our project consultants are certified as Certified Developer and recertified about three times a year with each new platform release. Our customers benefit from our experience from numerous projects implemented on the platform.

Our Services – Consulting includes
  • We develop independent business applications on
  • We can migrate your websites on sites
  • We will spread your based CRM solution
  • We can do ERP integration with Salesforce CRM
  • We train and provide development support for your tea

Product Development

We take time to understand if is meant for you and if yes, then how. Here is in brief as how we do it for you.


We don’t recommend for all our clients. Before leading the project, we have a detailed discussion which will help both of us to discover the need. We will try and explore on parameters such as gap analysis, feasibility studies, need analysis and cost analysis.


We test and try new designs and show them as an example to our clients. We demand user feedback on functionality, usability, and to validate application design approach. This sample development is done within a time frame of 2 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the product.


Based on the user feedback and constant discussions with them, we design & develop applications that are highly efficient, customizable, and easy to integrate. Our products are swift to deliver a shippable product every two weeks depending on the architectural blueprint of the product.


Once the product is ready, we package them and deliver them. The product developed by us comes with user training, integrating, consulting and customization. Our services also include enhancement and integration of your products with third party applications.


Product Integration dramatically reduces the effort to integrate with either on-premises applications or other third-party solutions and external cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google AppEngine, and Twitter. More than half of all traffic on the platform is system-to-system integration, making it the most trusted and successful enterprise API in the market.Grepthor  can help you integrate with and help you go on par with the leading brands in the industry. It is composed of numerous integration building blocks such as

  • Creating and exploring web services using the Apex programming language
  • Invoking external web services from Apex
  • Outbound messaging for invoking external web services when data changes
  • HTTP and REST integration
  • Email integration for inbound and outbound messaging
  • Syndication feeds via Sites